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Up in Maine, not listed yet, but I know the car well. $1200. Pics by this weekend (this is the same color). Needs a little metal (or bondo if that is your thing) work in the rockers and ebrake work, but it is currently inspected. New exhaust, blower motor, battery, tight front end, ultra clean cloth interior, 156K miles, steelies with caps. 95 so it doesnt have the stupid '96 computer it takes 2 hours to set the OBD monitors to ready on. Anyone want to take a trip up I will vouch this car will make it anywhere. This was my friends 3rd car so he didnt have to drive his 300Z Turbo or his 370Z to work, but he just replaced it with a 240. We hunted for this car for years and he has had it for the past 4. Just always wanted to get back to RWD

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