For some reason, it's hard for me to believe you can get an E90 this cheap

Then again, I was getting into cars right as the E90s were rolling out on to the market. BMW was what got me into cars and probably one main reasons the three cars I have purchased have been BMWs; coincidentally, all from around this era. Admittedly, I wasn’t really a fan of the E90 when it came out. Two things changed that for me, the introduction of the M3 in 2007 and the LCI in 2009. The M3 fixed what I thought was the worst part about the E90, the kidneys as all E9X M3s share the same facade. The LCI fixed my second least favorite aspect of the E90, the tail lights. The LCI also changed the kidneys for the rest of the E90 range.

Now, back to this E90. I think the price is somewhat surprising to me because I feel like whenever we get into cars, the cars that were on the road then always seem newer than they are, or at least that holds true for me. I forget at times that the E90 went out of production 8 years ago, because of this I always forget they’re older then they actually are. So I never immediately think 10 year old car that can be had for a fraction of what it originally cost. Today, we find an example that fits that bill, this 2006 325i.


At $3500, it’s a fraction of what it cost new, more than a decade ago. Despite the age, and because the ad fails to list the miles, we can assume high miles, it looks pretty decent. Interior looks pretty clean as well.

There is some wear on some trim pieces in the rear, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.


Ah, the pre-LCI tailights. While they’ve grown on me over the years, still prefer the LCI taillights.


Same thing with the kindeys, much better after the LCI.


But at $3500, I would forgive these minor foibles if I needed a beater E90.

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