Before zee Germans at Audi got their hands on the raging bull, and before Chrysler was bought by everyone and their brother: Chrysler actually bought Lamborghini in 1987. To show where they would be taking the company, and what benifits would come from their new alliance, they (Chrysler) created the Portofino for Lamborghini to debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show the same year that they purchased the company. Chrysler called it the "ultimate mid-engined touring sedan".

The concept car was built by Coggiola on a Jalpa chassis, which had to be lengthened by 66 cm to allow the space for four seats. It used a 250bhp Lamborghini V8 from the Jalpa which was transversely mounted and placed mid-ship, with the 4 twin-throat Weber 40 DCNF carburetors. The chassis was steel unibody and Girling ventilated disc brakes were placed on all four corners. The 5 speed transmission also came from the Jalpa.

The interior is composed of three shades of textured blue leather with yellow piping and accents on the steering wheel and shift knob. A central console divided the passenger compartment which added stiffness to the structure and providing a comfortable wrap-around feeling in the rear seats. Note the lack of B-pillars. It seats four, and has four doors, all of which rise vertically. Both the hood and the trunk are clamshells - if you care about that sort of thing.


FUN FACT: The badge on the hood was the bull inside the Chrysler pentastar.

The discerning Jalop will notice that the rear wing was later used on the Stealth.


Only one was ever produced and was involved in a crash while it was being transported. It was restored for $300,000 (according to Wikipedia) and is now on display at the manufacturers museum.

- V8 Solid valve lifters
- Displacement 3485.00 cc | 212.7 cu in. | 3.5 L.
- Valves 16 valves; 2 valves per cylinder.
- Valvetrain SOHC
- Horsepower 255.00 HP (187.7 KW) @ 7000.00 RPM
- Torque 229.00 Ft-Lbs (310.5 NM) @ 3500.00 RPM
- HP to Weight Ratio 11.2 LB / HP (Vehicles with similar ratio)
- HP / Liter 72.9 BHP / Liter
- Bore 3.39 in | 86.1 mm.
- Stroke 2.95 in | 74.9 mm.
- Compression Ratio 9.2:1
- Main Bearings 5
- Fuel Feed Carburetor, 4 Weber 2-barrel downdraft carburetors
- Block Light Alloy
- Head Light Alloy
- Top Speed 240 km/h | 149.2 mph (Confirmed)