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For some reason, today has been a shit day

Not really sure why, but it’s been shit. Woke up today in a terrible mood. (This comment wasn’t really in jest.) Almost took the M3 to work, but then I remembered that my ID was in my 3 and I didn’t want to come back to my apartment to put the 3 keys back; I should’ve just taken the M3. Work was going alright until the operators fucked up something and I had just enough parts to fix it, then proceeded to deny what they did. Then when I was lapping down blades on the lathe, one shattered and I damaged several more while taking it off the lathe. I was just done at this point. I might be able to salvage something tomorrow, but at that point I was done for the day. I also tried to overnight something to fix a problem we have yesterday to discover today, at 3 PM, that I forgot to put my department number on it, so they didn’t send it. Just been in a garbage mood today, so I stopped at total wine on the way home and got this 1.5L bottle of Bordeaux. I’m really hoping tomorrow will be a better day. 


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