For some reason, wheel lift tow trucks have an inherent dislike by people. For those of you not familiar, a wheel lift tow truck is a standard tow truck. One that would pop in your head if you thought of what tow truck would look like:


Anyway a member called in to check on the status of their tow truck for his ‘93 ES300, and to also request a flat bed. “I just wanna make sure its a flatbed” they say. Firstly, our system alerts us as to whether or not a vehicle requires a flatbed. Vehicles like the Dodge Charger, VW Beetle and the Dodge Dart are a few ones where a flatbed requirement alert would pop up. I inquire as to why it needs a flatbed, because not every one of our contractors has flat beds just readily available like that. He says “well you know, its a sports car and I just don’t wanna take any chances with anything being damaged. I got the stripes on it (its white with beige stripes apparently) and everything and just, you know, its a classic.” I didn’t know what to say to that.

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