I wonder how many people will use this thing twice, then realize that driving to the gas station with quarters is actually quicker.

How do you improve upon one of the most acclaimed vehicles in America? You give it something not available anywhere else. Introduced at the New York International Auto Show, the 2014 Odyssey features a sleeker look, a full suite of hi-tech offerings, and the only in-car vacuum. That's right, the new Odyssey will offer an all-new vacuum—HondaVAC™—on the Touring Elite trim.


I also wonder if this will be on the maintenance schedule. "At every 5K miles empty the HondaVAC™ canister and replace the HondaVAC™ HEPA filter every 10K mile service."


AutomotiveWorld review:

Standard on the 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite®, the all-new HondaVAC™ was developed in conjunction with industry-leader Shop-Vac®, and is composed of a powerful vacuum, replaceable filter and canister bag, with nozzle accessories neatly integrated into a dedicated space on the driver’s side bulkhead of the rear cargo area. HondaVAC™ makes quick cleanups a snap no matter the location, offering powerful cleaning suction and an integrated hose and cleaning attachments that reach into every corner of the Odyssey’s cabin. The HondaVAC™ system’s powerful electric motor never needs an outlet or recharging, can operate continuously when the engine is running, and will continue to operate for up to eight minutes when the vehicle is turned off for additional family duties.