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...the 300 has given me an issue. Was leaving my grandparents yesterday and smelled a harsh burning smell, like burning plastic or something. As soon as I established it was my car and not another around me, I got off the road and parked it. I noticed the smell and a very small amount of smoke coming from the alternator, with what looked like oil leakage, although it wasn’t wet and tony car never leaves any spots (we have a concrete driveway so if it was leaking something it would be very apparent) left the car overnight and got a ride home, went back this morning with my grandpa and his AAA card. Apparently there’s an open recall on my alternator, so here’s hoping it’s that instead of something else that I’d actually have to pay for. Even if it’s something bigger, my 300 has still been the most dependable and headache free car I’ve owned, and I’ll still recommend one to whoever is looking for a full size near luxury sedan. Love my car and hoping for the best, it’d really suck to have to get rid of it.


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