For The First Time In 6 Years...

Tucker is being retired from daily driver duty.

(If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, I highly recommend Fiori’s Pizzeria. I’ve never had pizza with sweet sauce but it was absolutely delicious!)


I put Laura in a storage unit, there’s just not enough space at home for me to store a 4th smart.

I began thinking about this. I told myself that once I had a convertible smart, I’d retire my beloved first smart from daily driver duty and leave him for towing things/off-roading (once that project is finished). I just didn’t expect my convertible to be a rare W450.

(Lordstown GM plant)


I’ve completed my inspection of my new cabrio and here’s what needs restoring in order of severity:

- Tyres - Front two are serviceable but the rears are trashed.

- Headlight stalk (?) - Parking lights don’t work unless you turn on the rear fog light and turn on the high beams, then turn both off.


Similarly, the low beams don’t work unless you turn on the fog light, turn on the high beams, turn off the rear fog light, turn on the parking lights, turn off the high beams, turn on the high beams, then turn the switch to low beams. Oh and the high beams don’t work at all...only when pulling the stalk back to flash them.

- Cleaning - I’m not sure how these 450s get so dirty, but this one is just as dirty as Chelsea was. I’ll actually get before and after pics that’ll make even Svend blush.


- Protecting the convertible top - It feels very untreated, bad news for the salt belt. I’ll treat the top.

- Convertible top mechanism - It works...sorta. It’s very slow and gets stuck. I’ll first lube the tracks and crank down the tension rods a little. Too much tension can cause this issue as the motors aren’t super strong.


- Rust removal - The subframe was bottomed out on something, probably a curb. It’s rusting in that area. While that’s not a big deal, I hate looking at it. Away it goes!

- Convertible top roof rails - Huh, of all the things to start rusting on a smart, I’d never thought the roof rails would be the first. There are a few specks of rust on these things...somehow. I’ll clean them up and protect them. Maybe this is why the 451+ rails are plastic?


- Radio - Someone replaced the Grundig unit with a generic Pioneer system. If we’re going to go aftermarket, it has to have an an aux jack. Otherwise I’ll just find a Grundig.

- Interior parts - I’ll need floor mats (I’ll make my own), a cup holder, headlight stalk/wiper stall caps, and a new clock pod. I’ll also need to see why the A/C button on the safety triangle doesn’t work. I may have broken it while inspecting the clock pod.


- Mods - Finish removing the ugly padding G&K added during conversion.

(Toledo FCA plant)


I’m going to daily drive the car for the whole spring, summer, and fall. Tucker finally gets a break! None of these repairs are expensive so there’s no reason for me to lazy out and not do them.


I’m going to drive Tucker until the tyres come in, then he finally gets a break!

Sadly I couldn’t make the Air Force Museum. Apple Maps’ ETA had me arriving like 10 minutes before closing, so I just took the tollway home.

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