If we flash back to a week or so ago, you’ll recall my stock exhaust finally rusted through and fell out on the road

fixing that entailed putting an Si model Civic’s exhaust in place of the VX’s. But due to a difference in design for catalytic converter location (the Si has a real header 4 into 2 into 1 so the cat is under the car, the VX just has a cat mounted to the header) there was a cat sized gap in the exhaust


for a week I’ve just had this chunk of the VX’s exhaust bolted to the header and then slipped inside the Si exhaust rear

it was better, nothing hung down on the road, but it was of course still farty leaky loud

So in it’s place I put a $30 adjustable (it is actually 4 sections that slip together) “test pipe”, designed to replace the cat in the Si’s exhaust system for illegality and POWAAAA


needed a little modding to fit the smaller VX’s header, but all was well and now my exhaust is complete front to rear .


and of course when I do swap in teh D16z6 engine from the EX donor Civic that Si’s exhaust will bolt directly. The Si also used a D16Z6 engine, but with the rear section of the exhaust designed for a hatch not a coupe

then I went snowboarding :D


now my exhaust is quiet, I can hear all the of the car’s other foibles, but nothing I didn’t expect when driving a car made of thin metal.

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