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Oh My God, Just Take My Money

For the last few days, I’ve been chasing this set of Sparco wheels and tires on Facebook Marketplace. I’ve actually grown to prefer Facebook Marketplace over Craigslist, mainly because you’re contacting people through instant messaging rather than an email exchange. That has not, however, made the overall experience any less frustrating than Craigslist.

The wheels were listed for $250, which to me is a great price, but not one that I wouldn’t haggle. I had been talking on and off with the seller for the better part of a week, trying to get together for a time to see them, with very little luck. Finally yesterday, we agree on a time and I head over to the agreed upon place. And I wait.


And I wait. And I wait. And when I’m done waiting, I wait some more. Eventually I get fed up, he isn’t answering my messages, so I leave. I get a message from him an hour or two later apologizing, his phone had died, and he offers to bring the wheels to me…but by this time I’m in for the night and I had actually put the money back in the ATM, so I tell him to message me tomorrow (today).

Wouldn’t you know it, he actually does. And he’s more responsive to messages. I go back to the same place, he shows up a few minutes later, and I’ve got a set of wheels.

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So what did I get for my effort? For the princely sum of $200, I’ve got a set of 17” Sparco Asetto Garas, 5x100 bolt pattern, in I would say very good condition, with a set of excellent Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 winter tires. Only issue I’ve got is that they’re an ET48, so I’ll need a 10-15mm (maybe up to an inch depending on how I want it to look) hub centric spacer set for it. For what I paid though, I don’t have an issue with that.


And that’s my story of trying way too hard to give somebody my money via Facebook.

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