Ok I have nailed down my travels for Thursday when I go pick up the 505, trying to do it on the super cheap because I am flying solo and I still have some adventure left in me. Leave Maine at 3:15am, in Boston by 5:05am ($22). 6am Megabus to New York arriving 10:45am ($15). Break so I can drink a 40 on the street and eat a halal cart cheesesteak (or jump over to Katz's) before taking the Raritan Valley train at 12:45 to within 5 miles of the cars location, arriving by 2:45pm. Dude will pick me up at train station or I will cab it, might drive the 5:45 hours home in the beast, or I will drive back to CT and spend the night there at my parents. I will document the whole affair and check in. Gonna be a long day...anyone out and about come be like the water people on the sidelines of marathons, but with beer :)