For the Love of God Why is Picking a Vehicle so Difficult?

I am in the midst of a automotive conundrum, I want to buy a new (used) car, and am more able to pick up feminine products at a car store than I am able to decide on my next vehicle. I have been looking for the better part of the past 6 months really. Meanwhile I’ve been digging myself out of debt slowly from a vindictive ex wife, but that’s neither here nor there!

To make matters even worse, I really don’t have any criteria to go by, my only real “preference” is that it is either AWD or 4x4, but it’s not something required. Top end of the price range is $35k.

SUV/Pick em’ up Truck


I’m a redneck at heart, born and raised in Georgia by a humble farmhand, I love going off road, but also love speed and power just as much. Most vehicles I’ve considered seem to be more sport oriented, such as the SRT-8 Jeep. However I’ve also flirted with the idea of maybe an Escalade, or possibly even a Wrangler. For this decision, I’m trying to take into account that I live in Minnesnowda where our winter wonderland consists of endless snow and sub zero temperatures for 4-5 months out of the year. Having a 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle would be very beneficial in this category, but again, 4 wheel drive is only a luxury. And one that I could live without, but would be very convenient to have.


Ahhhh yes. For luxury cars I have my eyes on the Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec, but I’m also considering putting myself into financial ruin again by purchasing a (relatively) used Mercedes. I’ve had my sights set on an E63 AMG, but am also open to the idea of a CTS-V. The big question for this category is “do I go with something new and reliable, or something that could potentially ruin my credit all over again from expensive repair bills.



The epitome of what we all want, cars in this range that I’ve had my eyes on are a used C6 Corvette, newer model Camaro or Mustang. Pretty much the most appealing cars, but the least functional. Do I sacrifice function for raw power and speed? These are the cars we all dream and fantasize about as kids, but now I have a stable job and can afford to “treat myself”. My largest concern in this category is still practicality. What if the female counterpart and I decide to take a road trip? It’d be hard to load up all the crap that she would bring in such limited cargo space. The make-up bag alone would be enough to fill a boot on a ZR1 Vette.

Honorable Mention - Rally Cars


I’ve owned an Evo X previously and absolutely loved it. Never been a real big Scooby fan, but I’d be open to the idea of possibly taking ownership of one of the newest gen STI’s. At this point I should probably admit that the Evo X is pretty much my fall back vehicle that I would like to own if I can’t settle on anything else, so I do have a back up. Now the real question here is, “do I go with what I know, or try something new?”

In conclusion, I feel like I’m leaning towards an SUV overall, but with so many choices I honestly can’t decide, I feel like a 90's kid in Toy’s R Us anxiously waiting the release of a new Nintendo 64 game. I know what I want, but don’t know what I want simultaneously, why must the automotive gods tease me with so many delightful selections!?

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