My license plates expire on May 15 each year. In Wisconsin, you put a month and year sticker on your rear plate and you get a new year sticker when you renew your plates. I renewed my registration online but my 2018 sticker hasn’t come in the mail yet. This gives cops more* probable cause to pull me over!

The new sticker every year thing often trips up people who don’t realize you’re supposed to keep putting the year sticker in the same place, on top of last year’s sticker.

I’ve witnessed this phenomenon on all sorts of vehicles but I was lucky enough to catch a picture of it on a particularly Jesus-y robin’s egg blue Dodge Caliber.

You also have people who don’t know how to take their tag frames off and stick the stickers on top of the tag frame but I don’t have a handy picture of that.


* My lack of front plate gives cops probable cause to pull me over all day every day. Just in case, I printed out the confirmation from the DMV website that shows my registration is current.