Sexism in Auto repair.
I'm sure it's something most women run into. Mechanics seem to think they see a sign on my head that says "take advantage of me". Little do they know behind this 5'3" girly exterior, (yes, I even like to rock bows in my hair) I know my cars. I went to get my vehicle inspected. (2003 Chevy tracker with a lift). I had decided to take it to a place around the corner from where I lived instead of its usual mechanic. When I tried to pick it up, the mechanic proceeded to tell me that I needed to replace one of my tie rod ends, and that it would be $200.00 to fix it. Plus labor. This made me angry of course. I proceed to tell the man that, although I may not look like it, I know what tie rod ends are and I know for a fact that mine are not bad. Also tie rod ends only cost about $20.00 in store so he was obviously trying to rip me off. He tried to argue with me after that, so I asked for my keys back. He then proceeded to tell me he already ran the inspection so I couldn't leave without paying the $15.00 for it. I realized further arguing was pointless, so I paid, took my keys and drove home without an inspection sticker. So the convenience of taking it to get inspected around the block turned into a bigger headache than it was worth. Thank you sexist mechanics for reminding why I like to work on my own cars instead of taking them in. It's just too bad that I have no choice when it comes to inspections.