The Jeep let me down.

5:30 A.M., hop in to go to work, crank it up, idle for 10 seconds, stall. Won’t re-start. Hop in the WJ and head to work. Get home tonight, shove it into the garage and commence troubleshooting. No spark. Check codes: P0351 “misfire”. Ohm check CPS: good. Check distributor cap: gobs of corrosion. Clean it off, still no spark. Check coil: 12v? Yes. Ground signal from ECU? No... wait- yes? No... definitely yes. Plug it back in- fires right up. Hmmm... connections were all clean and secure. Just wasn’t sending a pulse one minute, the next it was. It’s nice that it ruins again after spending $0, but I’d feel better knowing I found a ”smoking gun”.

That’s the first time it’s failed to start in 7 years, but I’m a bit apprehensive about driving it to work tomorrow.