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For this alone, I forgive the GR Supra

Illustration for article titled For this alone, I forgive the GR Supra

Need I say more?

I had forgiven everything else-the disappointing looks, the lack of space, the BMW connections, all of it-but even then, the lack of a proper center console shifter in the new Supra bothered me. It’s disturbing, but more disturbing is that all the reviews call it ‘paddle shifter only’... Well, I’m happy to report that this is not the case. I was watching (PHOTO CREDIT!!!) ThatDudeInBlue on YouTube, and I noticed the above at about 50 seconds, and I can’t tell you how GREAT IT IS!


Who needs paddles OR a full-blooded manual when the new Supra comes with the sequential manual stick in the perfect momentum-friendly, ull-to-upshift configuration? I wasn’t getting one of these, but now I might... And I’m still never touching those basic-fuckboy-ass paddles.

Here’s the video, which I stopped watching because I was excited and wanted to share, and also because he’s touching the paddles.

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