“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

As from my previous post, I need some new bulbs for my car after driving mom’s Accent the other day to give it a run and noticing, as a result, that mine are ridiculously worn out. The Philips 130%+ bulbs I have in right now are veritable candles in comparison to the OEM-style halogen factory-type standard bulbs in mom’s car.

I know brighter bulbs wear out more quickly, but I didn’t realize how bad mine were until driving her car.

AT ANY RATE...long story short, in my looking around for info on what bulbs to get, I came across this REALLY well done website:


Independent tests on halogen and LED bulbs from all the name brands and a lot of ‘Amazon’ brands as well. They don’t accept paid sponsors or endorsements from companies, so all their testing is unbiased. They have a very rigorous test setup specific to the type of bulb in question (LED, halogen, gas-discharge) and maintain a VERY detailed chart of halogen, LED and gas-discharge bulbs including really nice details like % of low beam brightness and % of high beam brightness over stock in terms of Lux measurement, total output in lumens, color temperature (measured by them, not just what the bulb company said on the box), etc - chart example:

Illustration for article titled For those of you looking for headlight bulb replacements...

It’s all broken down into categories based on bulb type (LED, halogen, etc) and then sub categories (standard bulb, name brand performance bulb, etc).


I also REALLY like how they deliberately and specifically test each bulb, say LED or halogen, in both normal ‘reflector’ and ‘projector’ housings and clarify how they did in each in things like their reviews and videos. They also specifically state if, for example (despite being illegal in most places) by measuring in their tests if an LED bulb is actually projecting too much light outside of the legal-limit cutoffs as to where the headlight should be adjusted...i.e. if you switch to this LED bulb from a conventional bulb will it blind somebody in the same housing with the same adjustments.

I seem like a shill, I know, haha, but I just thought it was really well done and very informative....I’ve bookmarked it and will be using the site again for sure. Those of you who had suggested OSRAM Nightbreakers on my previous post can feel vindicated as their tests show they did very well!


I think, from looking at their chart, I’ll be going with the Nightbreaker Unlimited :)

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