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For those that don't want to fly an aircraft in a flight simulator, I've got a game for you!

Illustration for article titled For those that dont want to fly an aircraft in a flight simulator, Ive got a game for you!
Screenshot: I’m giving them free advertising - cut me some slack...

There have been a few complaints that the new Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t have the cabins of the airliners modeled. Personally I’d rather stay up front and have that secure cockpit door sealed shut, keeping the self-loading cargo as far away from me as possible. For those that would rather be in the trenches, with bad meals, no legroom and screaming children, there’s a new flight simulator coming out soon called Airplane Mode. I don’t know precisely what it will model, but it won’t be complete unless someone’s kicking your seat or trimming their toenails.


From the pictures I’ve seen you’ll be stuck in coach; I wonder if you can update to a version with first class - it’ll probably only be $1,800 on top of the purchase of the base version...

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