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For those unaware...

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Friend and local automotive Youtube personality WatchJRGo is doing a simply stunning LS6 swap into a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II that was junkyard bound. This car originated as a manual E46 325i that hit a deer he bought and rebuilt using junkyard parts and then straight traded for the barely-running Roller. Local company ICT Billet and makers-of-all-things-hot-rod Holley have been sponsors on this and the results are pretty shocking. It’s off for exhaust today and if you want to see it in person it’ll be at Cleetus And Cars later this month vying for top spot in the burnout competition. Sadly I’ve been too busy with life things to go.


First Rolls episode is here:

Car starts for the first time here:

Did I mention this whole swap happens within 30 days? Also check out those powdercoated OEM wheels. Lovely.

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