So, I’ve been constantly bombarding Oppositelock with pictures of trucks for the past year or so. Yet I still drive a Jetta.

Now I owe you all an actual explanation.....

As some of you know, I’m sorting out my move to the middle of absolute nowhere West Virginia. Which is about four and a half hours away from where I currently live in Virginia, but for work and personal reasons I’m going to have to maintain part time residence in Virginia. This means every 1-2 weeks I’m going to have to make my way back to Virginia and split my time between Virginia and West Virginia. It’s a logistic nightmare right now. On top of that, I’ve got a ton of work to do in the next few months and some family related things to take care of.

Tl;DR- I’ve got a ton of shit to do and don’t have enough time or patience to deal with visiting car dealerships.

It’s gonna be a few more months before everything starts to come back together and I’m able to start visiting more dealers. Good thing is that I’ve had plenty of time to do my research.


Here’s a top contender... Not this exact truck, the Tundra in general.