One of Ghia’s more... Eccentric designs…

For those of you in the know, this is considered the holy grail of Chrysler (besides an Imperial V12), and one of the most sought after Mopars. The 300G. It’s got a face only a mother could love and they sold very few of them due to their... Polarizing looks. It had a design by Ghia and carried a price tag as such. On top of that, it’s engine was quite powerful and could scoot to 60 in 8 seconds, pretty good for a yacht. The previous “F” (Frua) model was known for its hemi. Heritage helps with marketing, but sales are what counts.

Why couldn’t Chrysler sell these exquisite machines? The Eisenhower recession occurred and the Rockin 50's ended by a high hat of an overspeculation/loan crisis. As such, very few people could afford a luxury like the 300G, and fewer adored its... Lovely visage. The 300G tried to keep Chrysler real, but failed.

Buy it those wealthier among us Oppos. See the effort put into what many call one of Chrysler’s last attempts of world shattering design and luxury.


God I just wrote a Regular Car Review.