The sacrifices one makes as a father are significant.

I took the Subaru to my mechanic for a once-over and an oil change. I want to make sure he starts from a good place. He drove my Infiniti to school. They also put new battery terminal clamps on the Sunchaser. But the Subie likely will not be done until tomorrow.


But I have to go to Salinas tomorrow, which means he will have to drive the Infiniti, and my 300 mile round trip (including visits to various farms). Unless I let him take the Sunchaser to school....not fucking likely.

This will mean a lot of Sunchaser time. Friday, we drive to Sacramento (180 miles) and stay overnight for a 2 day vintage car rally, the California Carrera, put on by the California Automotive Museum. We will drive home Sunday or Monday depending on how late the rally ends and how tired we are.

All in all, this will be a 1000+ mile week for the little ‘Chaser.


Good thing she is not an Italian or British roadster. She is a workhorse. 22R is stone cold reliable.

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