Ford 30K Mustang Service Question

Hello everybody, so I am sitting at the ford dealer for an oil change (it’s 95 degrees out and don’t feel like breaking out the ramps on the asphalt of my driveway...).

The service guy proceeds to tell me about a 30K service that needs to be done. I’m at 33,xxx miles ow. This surprised me because when I look in the owners manual, I see this...


This shows nothing about a major service... $400 for a college kid is a major service IMO. I looked at the list and couldn’t find anything warranting $400, but that’s a debate for another day.

Here is what the ford service guy printed out for me...

I can always take the car to my local technician who my parents have gone to for 25+ years. They are a no BS, tell you what needs to be done kind of shop.

I do to know oppo, what are your thoughts on all this? If this was a service REQUIRED, why wouldn't all this be listed in my owners manual? Is it just a ploy to get more money...

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