Ford 5.0 Engine swap ponderings/questions

Having just gotten it running again, I’m thinking of getting rid of the early 5.0 with its crude EFI in Project Colony Ship (my ‘87 Mercury Colony Park Wagon), and replacing it with something better (read: OBD2, and better parts availability).

My first thought was, of course, LS. But that had the potential for a lot of fabrication, and would make speedo, etc. a major hassle.


Recently I was pointed at the fact the Explorer kept the 5.0 into the early 2000s, despite the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis ditching it in 1992.

So how hard would it be to swap the 5.0 and 4R70W and associate electronics from something like this $500 2000 Explorer over?

I assume the engine is a bolt-in, and most/all of the accessories would either swap over, or be use-able in the wagon (Hell, I would have an A/C compressor designed for R-134, so I could get the A/C working again). Anyone know about transmission mount differences? also relative transmission lengths for the driveshaft?


I assume lots of trimming of Explorer wiring looms, but does anyone have a guide for it, and/or know a source for the minimum needed to hook up the Explorer ECU to the wagon electrics?

It looks like I can scavenge the tailshaft off the AOD and run this mustang speed sensor to have both the electronic signal for the ECU, and the mechanical speedo cable for the dash cluster.


Already having fuel injection makes fuel pump easier (though I’d probably swap in a higher rated pump, as the current one whines sometimes), and I’d probably keep the stock exhaust manifolds, but probably build a new exhaust using high-flow cats (side dump exhaust? Yes please).

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.

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