Ford Announces GT Pricing - Outrage Ensues

Looks like the car that all of the commentariat could not stop talking about a few weeks ago just ran over everyone's fucking dog. People are OUTRAGED that Ford would charge $400K for a halo car that they will only be producing 250 of each year.


Back in January every single post about the North American International Auto Show was replied to with pictures of the Ford GT.

Post about the new NSX? I am sure it will be met with a Ford GT picture, "Wow you messed up bad Acura!"


Post about anything else in Detroit that week was met by the obligatory GT picture and comments about "not listening lalalalalala Ford GT!"

Now there are people counting the numbers of Vipers and Corvettes that could be had for the price of a lone GT. Well guess what - no one wants a Viper. Car blog accounting, where the primary currency is Ford Mustangs, has been turned on its head - suddenly Dodge and GM fans are lining up to figure out the exchange rate and let you know what you could buy for the cost of a new Ford GT.


What if the price were set close to the same as it was back in 2005? Accounting for inflation it would make the MSRP on the new GT a little under $180,000. I bet that the outrage would be almost nonexistent. I am also fairly certain that people who purchased the last Ford GT are very likely to acquire the new iteration of the old classic, as well, even with the increase in price. People who spend six figure sums on automobiles have a different decision making process than a lot of folks out here in Oppo/Jalopnik land. A limited production vehicle, designed and made by an American marquee, with the pedigree and history of the GT?!? The initial run of 250 will be sold out immediately. If I had those sorts of means I would be doing everything I could to get my name on that list of 250.

As for the performance side, there is no way in hell Ford would release this car in any sort of half baked way. They know what they have with the Ford GT and would be absolutely crazy to release something that would tarnish the image that they have carefully cultivated over some 50+ years.

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