The blue oval is going strong and, at over one hundred years old, Ford is taking on all challengers. How many centenarians can say the same?

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Ford has been around for over one hundred years and in that time, has done it all. They built the most successful peoples car in American history, at one point half the cars in the country were Ford Model T's. They have gone racing, winning on the track and in the dirt and notably toppling some of the biggest names in motorsport. They sold and continue to sell the best selling truck in North America and created the Sport Utility market. With a history as long and storied as Ford has there are bound to be one or two stumbles yet the brand has worked to overcome their missteps tenaciously; their successes easily outnumber their failures. Ford has been around for over one hundred years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

In 2005 Ford brought us the GT, a street-bred homage to the LeMans winning GT40, and it was a huge success. This year, at the Detroit International Autoshow, Ford revealed a new Ford GT. European customers have long known the unhinged, front-wheel drive Focus RS and this was paired this year with an all-wheel drive, five door variant available in North American markets. The new Mustang has fully independent suspension and is a fully modern car with the mind bending Shelby options coming later this year. Wherever you look: there is a Ford. Cross-over utility vehicles, hybrid sedans – you name it, Ford has it and it is not as though the Ford is the lesser option either. Rapidly moving up market with their marquee, Ford continues to meet the needs of the blue collar buyer while striving to carve out niche markets as well. From base trim to Raptor, the F-150 runs the gamut offering everything from the most basically optioned trucks to fully loaded luxury pick-up's. The same is true of the Focus and the Fiesta as both can be had as reliable, comfortable and affordable transportation or, for a small premium, had with "ST" badges and all the power and performance that brings. Whether moving the Fusion up-market with attractive styling cues and options to rival the Germans or making the Escape a more carbon-friendly vehicle, Ford is focused on continuing to be a sales leader in domestic markets and abroad.


An example of Ford thinking forward and looking to the future, the new halo car Ford GT, demonstrates that the brand is shifting paradigms and pushing innovation. Powered by a conventional engine, the GT is not a test bed for untested technology. It is a showcase for conventional solutions to unconventional problems. A smaller displacement, forced induction V6 powers GT instead of the traditional fuel-hungry and heavy V8. Instead of hybrid all-wheel drive, the GT looks well positioned to offer an unadulterated, raw driving experience with power running through a dual-clutch manual gearbox to the rear wheels. All of this means that Ford will be able to offer the GT with a reasonable price tag while adding value to other EcoBoost powered cars in their line-up. From its revolutionary styling, which incorporates aero and down-force channeled through body ducts and swooping buttresses, to its unleashed engine and exhaust note the GT is a stage setting halo car from Ford.


An EcoBoost engine can be found in the new Mustang, fresh for 2015. Don't worry though; the V8 is still an option. In Shelby trim that V8 will be offered with a flat plane crank for that race-sound and the best news is that all Mustangs will be grounded to the ground through a fully independent rear end. A 6-speed automatic gearbox is available and offers excellent performance alongside good fuel economy, however, the six-speed manual remains available also and will be the popular choice of enthusiasts. In 2016 Ford will offer a full 10-speed automatic! If you find yourself in a rented Mustang anywhere in the next five years you can bet it will be the V6, normally aspirated motor from the old mid-range Mustang. Ford has proven solid sales numbers with the Mustang over its lifetime and the new 'European' styled Mustang will only reinforce that success. Even in the face of slightly higher sticker prices the new Mustang competes far above its price point. At the top of the roster is the Ford GT and it is an excellent example of what a halo car can and should be, however; the Mustang name is almost as well known as Ford itself and the company has not missed a beat bringing the Mustang into the 21st century.


Ford delivers power and performance at all levels and for all budgets. Powering both Focus and Fiesta in ST trim, the EcoBoost motor wears the same badge as the Ford GT for a much lower price. The Fiesta and Focus ST offer the practicality of a front-wheel drive, five door sedan combined with all the fun of a hot-hatchback in an affordable package. In their base forms practicality is doubled and is paired with amazing mpg numbers and an even more accessible price tag. Ford realizes that not every driver is an enthusiast and that many people just want safe, comfortable transportation, however; an integral part of their mission remains delivering the soul of the hobby, the spirit of the drive and the passion of the enthusiast to every one of their products. As a brand Ford has become expert at distilling the essence of driving, no matter the type or purpose, and offering it unfiltered to the consumer. Whether looking for something fast and furious or simply stated or for anything in between, look at a Ford.


In the 1900's Henry Ford wanted to build an affordable car for the people; Ford did that and revolutionized the assembly line. Over one hundred years on, Ford wants to redefine its brand; Ford is doing that. In Detroit at the years International Autoshow there was no doubt that Ford was the star of the show revealing the wheel-spinning Mustang GT350R and its race-bound big brother, the Ford GT. This is the kind of success Ford has been striving for and which it will carry into the next generation of automobiles. Forget your dusty old notions about Ford; the era of malaise is long gone taking the 80's and 90's with it. As a brand and as car company Ford is not taking anything for granted especially their future and current customers.

Ford is blue oval strong. Have you looked at Ford recently?

You should.