On my third dealership for car issues all caused by a dealership changing the front rotors and pads. Quick recap

Dealer #1 (dealership in CT I visited while on vacation)- Replaced rotors and pads, claimed brake lines were damaged and needed to be replaced so they were, then claimed pedals were aftermarket and were causing caliper issues - adjusted “for free”. AFTERMATH - car brakes like shit, brake switch wasn’t working correctly, and car was way down on power

Dealer #2 (local one near where I work) - Cleaned brake switch and quoted me on replacement, claimed that the pedals were STOCK (which is correct!) and the pedals were not adjusted, but the brake switch was played with. Told me my MAF was gummed up from oil from an aftermarket filter. AFTERMATH - brakes work. Car still sluggish.

Dealer #3 (dealer I got the car from) - Scheduled appointment for glass repair under a third party warranty, some corrosion on one of my doors, and to look into boost leaks. AFTERMATH - canceled my appointment because their body shop handles corrosion issues and the body shop is a different appointment. Also, the glass chip warranty info isn’t stored in their records so I need to find it myself and hope they’ll reimburse. And I’m not shelling out another 100$ diagnostics fee that I probably won’t get reimbursed for at this point.

Oh, and I called Ford to complain and they “filed a complaint” on my behalf and only took my name and zip code for information and then hung up on me.


Fuck you, Ford. I’m about to get loud on social media. I’m so tired of the stonewalling. 800$+ and guess what? My FiST is *almost* back to the way it was before I dropped it off for service! SUCH A GREAT VALUE!!!!

Pictured are the likely culprits of my power loss. Likely knocked off during it’s service. I am one more “Well, we can’t help you” away from naming them. Just hold tight on buying a Ford if you’re in Connecticut.