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Ford doesnt want dealers to advertise the Mach-E under MSRP

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I saw this last night. Autoblog is reporting that, per a bulletin that went out to dealers, Ford is going to try and keep dealers from advertising the electric crossover for below MSRP. They explain that they want to “be competitive in the battery electric vehicle space by transacting in the way customers want to transact.” So Ford understands that customers don’t want to deal with bullshit over the vehicles price. We will see if dealers uphold their end of the bargain by doing what Ford says but I doubt it.


Interest in the Mach E has been high, but Ford has been tight lipped on how many reservations they actually have. Go onto the site and and it will tell you reservations for the First Edition are full. And the only numbers they are willing to talk about are the views from the livestream of the revel. One dealer in Arizona has 47 reservations. Hopefully though dealers don’t ruin this thing by trying to gouge customers. Because they will just go over to Tesla and get the coming Model Y.

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