So this a thing in the US now. Not surprising with the success of literally every compact crossover, or CUV. I remember murmurs of this coming state side bad in 2013. But what I don’t understand is why does it look so angery? Can we please be with aggressive faces on happy little compact cars?

Especially when the the Marketing is this bright an cheery. The ad is all rainbows and sunshine but the car looks like a pissed of, cubby, 10 year old who just got their X box taken away for a week.

Also Ecosport is a stupid meaningless name that is only going to confuse people. And you know some one will end up calling it a Escort.

One more thing. I’ve gotten so tired of the angry face that I kind of love the look of the new Prius C. Sure it’s got weird unnecessary fender flares, and faux skid plates for some reason... but at least it has a small grille and soft, even feminine eyes. Just a small car okay with being what it it’s. Perfectly non threatening. Also it comes in fun colors like orange and Teal, as every car should.