Ford Explorer ST. My friend bought one.

And I took some crappy photos of it with my phone.


I got to take it for a drive. My son was with me, so we buckled his car seat into the back and took off.

Didn’t get as rowdy as I wanted to, since I had my two-year-old with me. But, I still did a quick couple of launches on the deserted back road my friend lives on.

Verdict: Holy hell. This thing hauls. I guess it ought to, though, since it has a twin turbo V6. It has more technology than I can even keep track of. Cooled, heated, power, massaging seats. 360° cameras. Self-parking. Lane keep assist with radar cruise control. And more.


They originally bought a silver one, but it had suspension issues right out of the gate and needed a new part, which is on backorder. So, the dealer swapped it for this white one.

And, they bought an extended warranty on this one!

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