If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Ford Fest 2017

I spent the afternoon at Ford Fest 2017 which took place at the ancestral Forde (or Ford, it’s a matter of controversy) family farm (and was introduced there to Jocelyn Buttimer whose husband is a descendant of one of Henry Mk1's brothers and who has the farm now) and there encountered many Forde (or Ford, I said it’s controversial) things. We also get an opportunity to note that the camera on my newly acquired s/h Nexus phone is rather worse than that of its older Samsung predecessor.

Things like a red Forde towing another


Another red Forde.

And another one


A posh Forde. It must be posh, because we note an “automatic” badge below the number plate. Not many of those were ever sold. No, I don’t know why the Ghia badge isn’t in line.


An older, once posh Forde


Lots of blue agricultural Fordes.

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