Ford Focus Facelift Forsakes Fishy-ness

Personally I'm a little surprised that after just two years or so, the Ford Focus Mk.3 was looking a bit uninteresting. Come to think of it, even other Fords ended up going a slightly different direction, swapping the upper and lower grilles around to make a new face that people wrongly think is a copy of Aston Martin. In any case, Ford have now tidied up the Focus's nose with this handsome fella.


Applied across the range, the new headlights and smaller grille give it a less fishy face if you ask me, although how it translates to the fishiest of all - the ST - is at present unknown. As well as exterior changes and a less cluttered centre console, the engine range is about to be updated too, with a pair of 1.5 engines (one "EcoBoost" petrol, one diesel) being added and the rest being fiddled with until they're kinder to the environment and your wallet. Why add some 1.5 engines? Because this engine size is popular in places like China, Brazil and Russia, says Auto Express (pictures are from WCF).

Once they update the Focus ST, it will be more aggressive, say they, while steering, chassis and suspension will be revised. However, power and torque will stay at 250 HP (184 kW) and 265 lb/ft (360NM) respectively unless you spend a wee bit extra on a Mountune upgrade to get 270bhp as you can now.


More pictures from the sauce

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