In the usual fashion of these posts, these are ranked in an order. What that order is is entirely up to how I feel, and no I’m not going to tell you what that order is. I also sometimes omit options just because I want to. Deal with it. All photos are stolen from Wikipedia or wherever else I feel like snagging them from, but I’m not gonna give a source. Just reverse search it if you need to know, it’s not hard.

8. MK1 RS. So European!

7. MK2 ST, I think it is ugly.

6. ST170. The headlight washers are for aerodynamics!


5. The MK1 ST Sedan that America got, also I kind of want a bone stock ZX4 just because that’s how I roll

4. RS. I’m not counting the RS500 as different.


3. The ST that America actually got for once

2. Oh look, another RS. Colorful brakes are cool, but you know what’s cooler? Drum brakes.


1. SVT Focus. I like these a lot!

0. Second Generation Mazdaspeed3