About a month ago my neighbor booped the Jag. It was innocently parked on the street, she was having a bad day that was about to get worse and swung wide getting into her driveway. The coming together left her with no damage to her Subaru and a cracked bumper cover on the Jag. I didn’t post about it at the time because I had other stuff going on.

ANYWAY, she came over exceptionally apologetic, we exchanged information, and she filed a claim.


Everything since then has been sort of balls. I called the insurance company, though AAA but not AAA I guess, that evening but as it was after hours all I could do was leave a message. The next day I never got a call back, so the day after that I called the adjuster again. Twice.

Seeing where this was going, I called the main number and got a claim number and had the work assigned to my body shop.

I go in to the body shop the next day and... they don’t have anything from AAA under my name.


Oh but they do have this weird assignment for a Jag. The name on it was “claimant, owner”. :facepalm: (For the record that is not my name.)


About a week later their estimate got approved but when I called back to get scheduled in they couldn’t find my information because it was all still screwed up in the system. I found my paperwork and we eventually got that sorted as well.

So... all of that eventually taken care of I decided to go ahead and get a rental through insurance. Ordinarily I wouldn’t because I already have too many cars, but given they’ve dropped the ball at every opportunity I figured if they’re having to pay daily to have my car in the shop, that might motivate them to settle changes to the claim quickly.


I’m pretty sure that isn’t how that works, but in my mind I’m happy to have them have some skin in the game.

Anyway.... Damage was just over $1000 and included a new bumper cover, new side marker light, and new plastic bumper insert. I’m also having them throw in new fog light covers because mine were missing, which is $170 out of pocket. On the bright side this also means I get to delete my front licence plate holder, which I’m looking forward to.


And now I have a Ford Fusion that I don’t really want. That said, it is a nice car. Good pep, seemingly attractive interior, and cavernous trunk. I can see why Top Gear was fond of these.

About what it looks like
About what it looks like
Illustration: Ford

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