The Focus RS is going away after 2018. Buy one while you can! Ford is producing 1500 Focus RS Limited Editions that include assorted upgrades, the most significant of which is a Quaife front differential that’s “seamlessly integrated with the driving technologies that have made the Focus RS a track standout.”

Here’s the full rundown:

For those unfamiliar with how the Focus RS awd works, it’s a GKN Twinster system. It’s kind of like the more basic power takeoff unit style awd systems like Haldex, but it’s more sophisticated in a few ways:

  1. It can proactively send power to the rear wheels to mimic a center limited slip differential.
  2. It can over-speed the rear axle, i.e. send more power to the rear axle than the front.
  3. Using its twin clutches, it can vector torque side to side across the rear axle.

The front differential however, is a basic open diff. Until now, of course.

I’m assuming that line about integrating the LSD is something to do with re-calibrating the traction & stability control, and possibly also the awd system, to account for the new differential.



Now here’s a #ford #brandmarketing #rallyx #hoonigan #kenblock #imrunningoutofhashtagstomakeup video!

As an OCD sufferer whose OCD is often triggered by limited slip differentials or the lack thereof, this pleases me greatly.