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Soooooo I’ve done a ton of wiring work on the Ranger recently. The truck came with 0 power options. I have installed power: locks, mirrors, windows, footwell lights, keyless entry/security, backup camera, dash camera, and a new stereo (head unit, speakers, mic). I tested everything and was getting ready to put dash etc back together. Just for kicks I turned the windshield wiper switch “just in case” annnnnnnd they don’t work (same with the washer). I checked the fuse(s), relays, and motor itself all good. I bought a new switch (stalk that controls wipers, washer, turn signals, high beams, and 4 ways. No dice.

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I found this thread where the a person has the same issue and went as far as testing and replacing the GEM module, but had the same issues with the new GEM and did not come to a resolution.

I grounded the same wire on my GEM and the wipers work...However I’m reluctant to replace the GEM as it will be the most expensive part I have purchased for the ranger at $100+ and it didn’t solve the problem for this other person of the internet.


One caveat, I had to diode isolate the factory door trigger wires (also located in the GEM) in order to properly install my keyless entry/alarm. I was sure to do this with the plug disconnected and I didn’t touch the wiper wires, but now it’s in my head that I might have fucked something up in doing that.

Finally I’ve paid a $5 deposit and am on the hook for $23 more when a Ford tech responds on Have any oppos used a service like that?


Finally any advice from the 12 volt savy Oppos? Something I might have overlooked?

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