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Ford Mach 1 Electric Prototype Spotted

Photo: Reddit/skyblueburger

Oh God no

Wait, calm down, everybody. This pic comes to us from Reddit’s Just Rolled into the Shop, and has nothing to do with Sunday’s announcement. And as for Ford, well, there may be hope after all.


As you may recall, this past Sunday, Ford teased an upcoming “high performance battery electric SUV” called the “Mach 1”. Some backpedaling soon followed as Ford PR rep Mike Levine clarified that Ford was just “researching the name Mach 1 to see how customers respond”.

In addition to this, AllFordMustangs reports that “inside the company, there was at least one true believer who tried to dissuade the brand from turning a hallowed nameplate into a virtue-signaling simulacrum. A highly placed internal source familiar with the matter expressed his displeasure with the decision from the outset.”


There’s a chance that Ford might just keep the Mach 1 name sacred after all. But don’t let up. The backlash is working, folks. Resist

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