Ford Mach-E thoughts

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I’m excited. I’d very much like to drive one when they come out.
Standout feature: the knob that protrudes from the bottom part of the touchscreen and, I assume, has various contextual uses. If they intelligently combine that with steering wheel controls like Tesla does then that will be a user interface win.
Very curious to see the fit and finish of the interior in person. Not holding my breath on the exterior; if the past 20 years are anything to go on Ford is about as good at making panels line up as they are at winning Lemans these days.
Styling thoughts: It’s good. Far better than their other crossovers. I get real i-Pace vibes.
Name thoughts: Meh. Mach-E does not roll off the tongue later. Gnashing of teeth about “mustang heritage” is of no concern to me.
Other thoughts: I really, REALLY hope the success of the Mach-E will result in the platform underpinning every successive Lincoln model. That brand needs a shot in the arm beyond “Look at our flagship, it’s a Ford Fusion with dumb door handles” and smooth electric powerplants are 100% the way to do it. Even better would be if they resist the urge to make them “sporty” and give them a nice comfortable soft ride. When paired with a silent electric motor you could get the most serene drive this side of a Maybach... in a Lincoln.


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