And I took up their offer on it. I test drove a Mustang with the Ecoboost engine and my friend went with a Fusion SE.


I just went looking on my phone to see if I had any pictures of the Mustang and I forgot to take one. Sorry guys. It was red with GT Premium wheels LOL

I was determined to try two cars and I asked if they had a Raptor or a Explorer Sport on the lot and they said they didn’t have any test drive models. I followed up by asking if he had any interesting used cars. Guess what he said.

Someone traded in a M5 for an Explorer just earlier.

Heck. Yes.

It ended up being a 2010 M3 with the Automatic. The weird part is I liked the Mustang Ecoboost more than the M3. Probably because I didn’t take the M3 onto the freeway cause we were strapped on time since both me and my friend wanted to drive it. And I can’t manual so I wasn’t confident in putting the M3 into manual. (Also I wasn’t sure about the tire pressures -beats joke to death-.)


But I felt like I had more of an opportunity to use all of he Ecoboost’s power compared to all of the M3’s power, so I understand those people’s argument now.

Any of you in the Tulsa area, his name is Tim DeMyer I think. Super cool guy. And it was Joe Cooper Ford. Ask him if he remembers the four University of Tulsa kids that he had to put up with for a solid hour and a half.

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