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Ford PowerShift Class Action Explained - Podcast

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I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do this one. The class action on the dual clutch Fords is about to be resolved and many people are wondering: Is it a good deal? Believe it or not, I think it is.


Everyone knows that the Ford PowerShift (dual clutch) transmissions are bad. And they came in the Focus and the Fiesta for several years. So if you own one now or in the past, you might be entitled to relief. And unlike some of those class actions where all you get is a coupon and a bunch of notices explaining why the class attorneys deserve 8.9 million dollars for their work, this one offers you substantial relief.

How about compensation for all those times they “reflashed” the transmission to no avail? If you brought it in more than twice for that, you have some cash coming.


Did they throw a bunch of parts at your car with little or no positive result? That too might get you some cash.

Is your car still defective? HA! That’s a trick question. Of course it is! You can file for arbitration under this program and the arbitrators will be authorized to not only buy the car back but also to award attorney fees to make it worth your while to hire one.


And that’s even if your car does not qualify under your state’s lemon law.

There’s more to this and if you are a member of the class you will soon be getting notices about your rights etc. But if you do not hear anything, check out the website for the full details.


And no, I have no stake in this action. I just reviewed the 140+ page settlement and thought it looked pretty good. In fact, it looked much better than I had expected. And nowadays, that is more than you can normally expect. The audio:


And the video:

Photo at top is not relevant to this discussion. He just hangs out on my deck from time to time.


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