Finally googled a problem I’ve been having with my Mustang where a strong vibration occurs at 1600rpm no matter what gear I’m in. It’s exactly what I thought, and there’s a harmonic resonance with the exhaust and the car, and it’s a fairly common problem and the only solution is to get an aftermarket exhaust. Seriously, Ford? How do you not catch something like this? If my windows are rolled down and I’m coming to a stop as I pass 1600RPM the windows rattle around in their tracks. Ridiculous. Also a “known issue” that Ford electronic throttles are bad, and the one on the Mustang is sensitive to the point of being undrivable if you aren’t used to it. Again, it’s a problem so known that there is a $400 product you can plug into the pedal to fix it. But that’s $400 I’m not going to spend.

This is silly. Maybe this is the sort of QA that makes your supercar keep breaking down during its premiere race? Meh. Here, have a Ford that was probably built better than mine: