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Ford Raptors Have a $13,000 Markup in My Area

Ive seen at least 8 different Raptors this month, so I thought they must have been a pretty good deal. Then I happen to see a used 2017 Raptor listed at $74,999 at the local premium used car dealership!! So I had to check the actual dealer pricing on these and they are $13,000 over sticker and obviously selling just fine out here where the median household income is $47,000 a year. Household income!

Sticker for that Blue Raptor above

And I know these will have light bars and winches and everything else added within the next few months. People are really spending money right now. I have no issues with dealer markups, if people are going to pay $80,000 for a vehicle then list it for $88,000 and let them talk you down to $83,000 I say!

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