i suspect this guy has more skill and time than money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. but taste is good too. check out this 90s thunderbird I spotted at lunch today.


The rear quarter windows give it away as a tenth generation ford thunderbird, but someone clearly wanted a 1950 Ford coupe. the iconic 50s Ford grille and headlights have been grafted onto this oddity in such a way that’s its hard to tell where the 50s stop and the 90s start. also, I’m pretty sure that there’s some early 2000s Pontiac grand am thrown in just for good measure.

The rear has been given the same inexplicable treatment with 1950 Ford coupe tail fins, and the whole shebang has been given a paint job as faux as the rest of the car.

I guess if you want a 70 year old car with all the reliability of a 30 year old car, and you don’t mind spending likely hundreds of man hours, this is the Ford for you.


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