In my fantasies, there are no Ford Shelby GT500s for this generation. Instead, Ford has decided against a hotrod Mustang, allowing tuners such as Shelby, Roush, and Hennessy to handle that end of the market. This doesn’t mean that the Shelby GT350R will be the top pony in the stable though.

Instead, Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (along with McLaren’s Special Ops), have teamed up to create a modern successor to the turbo 4-cylinder powerhouse that was the McLaren M81 Mustang. Ford will keep the boost-based legacy with the now familar 3.5l V6 found in such Ford top performers as the F-150 Raptor, GT, and Flex Limited.


When it comes to power figures you have to remember the 80s original made 175hp (that’s over the 132hp stock engine, a near 33% increase). Keeping to the same power difference, we can expect power to range from 460hp to 576hp. That range is due to the new M81 utilizing a variable boost control, modifying performance figures at a simple in scroll of the menu.

I like this fantasy so far.

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