Went out for some drinks last night.

Took a taxi, a six month old (wait, it’s a long name) Ford Transit Custom Voyager (a Tourneo with a taxi conversion).

What the conversion consists of.


Regular seats stripped out and replaced and three jump seats put on the divider between the driver and rear passengers.


As you can see the legroom is amazing. Access is as easy as you think.

Ride was very smooth (cobbled roads were a little more harsh however).

Engine noise from the 126ps 2.2TDCi engine was quiet and acceleration was very smooth. Driver said she drives like a car.


Conclusion: Marginally smoother than a Mercedes and greatly smoother that a LTi TX1-4. For it’s type of vehicle it’s great but would certainly stick with the Skoda Superb (which I took home later on) for ride and comfort.