Ford V Ferrari Gets Four (4) Oscar Nods

Everyone’s (mostly everyone on here) favorite car movie of 2019 gets some deserved attention from the Academy.

-Best Picture

-Best Sound Mixing

-Best Sound Editing

-Best Film Editing

It’s unlikely this movie will grab the best picture title (the category is STACKED this year), I can definitely see them earning the other three. They did a great job pleasing the enthusiasts with fairly accurate engine notes, tire squeals, and other car related things that we tend to pick out of movies (looking at you, F&F franchise). Note I said mostly accurate, because there were some things I caught. Such as the GT40 hitting 220 MPH on the front straight of the track.


Personally, I thought Bale should have at least gotten a nomination for best supporting actor. For a character as private as Ken Miles, he did a great job portraying him.

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