Do you love trucks? Do you love big trucks? Do you love bigger trucks? Do you love semis but flunked out of CDL school? Do you lack a penis but have a boat to tow? Need a place to call home but would rather pay for fuel than a mortgage or rent? Then I have just the barge for you! The Ford WTF-350!

Usually the "W" in "WTF" stands for "what". And what we have here is a stretched F-350 with a sleeper cab.

Well how about the other "W"s?

Where? Sighted a few times in the small suburbs of Chicago, near O'Hare. Seen it parked on the side streets of one neighborhood too. Where you find a garage/shop large enough to do this work that does not have other important things like assemble train cars is beyond me.


When? I've seen it a few times in recent years.

Why? No idea... Looks like it had regular truck plates on it as opposed to RV plates. Maybe this is some way of having something you can sleep in but still park on the streets and avoid RV associated costs?

Who? The guy who answered yes to the questions above.