Ford's Big Secret?

Random as car sleuthing story?
I live in Australia, today I saw a new Ford F250 truck, still left hand drive. It had a small sticker on the drivers window that read “CAUTION: This vehicle is fitted with prototype systems that may not adhere to Federal Safety...blah blah” and sitting on top of the dash was literally a big red button (emergency stop style) on a little box with a wire leading down into the dash.
My coworker and I were pretty curious about this, and he used to work at a place that converted them to right hand drive, who also became very curious about, and asked his mate that worked at Ford R&D (we are all located in the same suburb just streets from each other hence the coincidences) and he said “I can’t say anything other than its Ford’s big secret”.....

And I will leave it at that.


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