Ford's EcoBoost 1.0L Fiesta Efficiency Claim

Ford just released the EPA's numbers on the 2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0L. The tiny mill will push the car along at 123 hp and 125 pound feet of torque. The residents of the Glass House point out not only the day-t0-day horse power ratings, but also the fact that the engine can put out 145 pound feet of torque for short 15 second bursts. These facts are presented because the Fiesta will still have some pep and not be completely boring. For comparison the 2014 Honda Insight achieves 44 mpg highway, while the 2014 Volkswagen Golf diesel with a manual transmission delivers 42 mpg highway. So what are the numbers?

- 45 MPG Highway

- 32 MPG City

- 37 MPG combined

Now, stepping out of the EPA's Reality Distortion Field, what will it really achieve? Only time will tell. Automakers put a lot of currency into these numbers, sometimes at their peril, and Ford will press these EPA estimates as accurate. However, what will the efficiency be in high altitude areas? According to one study the Highway driving cycle shows tan increase of 6.2% in fuel consumption. What if the owner lives in a state with 75 MPH or higher speed limits?


Most Oppo and Jalopnik readers understand these numbers tend to be akin to the Pirate's Code, mere guidelines. This Oppo's 2012 Ford Fiesta has never seen its claimed EPA numbers. Last week on a 600 mile all highway trip it did hit 34 mpg, but the trip saw elevation drop from 7,000 feet to around sea level. On the return trip the best numbers were around 28 mpg. Of course if we hadn't brought any luggage, perhaps fuel economy would have been better. We didn't exceed the speed limit by more than 5 mile per hour typically. But we did see some pretty sights, just not the 38 MPG claimed by Ford and the EPA.

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