The 7.3l Ford managed the climb with a 16,000 lb gooseneck trailer, in 8 minutes 42 seconds. The Chevy equivalent truck with their new 6.6l gas V8 only managed 11 minutes, 50 seconds. That’s a HUGE difference despite the Chevy being only slightly less powerful on paper: 430hp/475 lb ft for the Ford vs 401hp/464 lb ft for the Chevy. The other big variable is the transmission, as Ford’s new Super Duty is equipped with a new 10 speed automatic, whereas the Chevy still makes due with a 6 speed auto. Can the four extra gears really make that much of a difference? Or is the 7.3's power band really that much broader and more accessible?

The Chevy DID win in fuel economy though, it managed 2.4 miles per gallon and the Ford only got 2.2.


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